The Fort Saskatchewan High Musical Theatre program performed their version of "Rapunzel" at the Shell Theatre Thursday, November 5th.

The cast and crew began working on the show 5 weeks ago, bringing together a strong performance full of energy, talent, and great music.

Greg Montemurro, Fort High's musical theatre teacher and director, talks about the process of the show.

"It was an interesting process, we have a large portion of grade tens - 17 out of 22 of our kids are grade ten, so there was a little bit of a learning curve but the kids adapted really well."
The musical theatre took a known story with Rapunzel, based off of the Grim's Fairytale and brightened it up to be more lighthearted and fun.

The students of Fort High have a couple more shows to come in December and again next year. In December there will be a fine arts night, where the school foyer will be filled with artwork of the fine arts students and in the Shell theatre, the Jazz band and Musical Theatre class will be putting on performances.

There will be a fundraiser coming in March and in May, the Musical Theatre class will be back on the stage at the Shell theatre with their big performance of Grease.