Results are in for the 2021 Strathcona County public satisfaction survey. 

According to the survey, residents overwhelmingly feel positive about the safety of the area and the environment to raise children. 88 per cent of all survey respondents rated Strathcona County as a good or very good place to live. 

“I think we have been able to deliver quality municipal services over a number of years, and that’s what the results speak to,” said Rod Frank, mayor of Strathcona County. 

Numbers show, however, that Strathcona County is lacking when it comes to supporting the diverse needs of its residents; 10 per cent of people felt this was poor or very poor when asked in public or online. 

Another area that could use improvement, according to the survey, is how people feel about their input when it comes to decision-making. This area has shown the highest dissatisfaction rating across all platforms in which the survey was distributed. 

Topics surrounding the environment had mixed results. Residents aged 18 - 34 expressed lower satisfaction with opportunities for environmental action compared to any other age group. 

According to an Ipsos poll conducted in October 2021, environmental threats and climate change are top issues for young Canadians, on par with unemployment and the economy. 

“We are putting a lot of energy into environmental issues. We are positioning ourselves as a hydrogen centre of excellence,” explained Frank.

Residents of Sherwood Park, men and elderly residents gave the strongest ratings regarding how welcoming Strathcona County is as a community. 

A total of 1,862 surveys were completed.