Expect to see a heavier than usual presence of emergency vehicles in the area.
Between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Thursday (Sept. 23), the Sturgeon Refinery will be conducting a training drill as part of their regular emergency response training.
"[The] emergency response training drill is just part of our overall emergency preparedness," explained Vanessa Goodman, external relations manager with Northwest Redwater Partnership.
"Sometimes those are just what we call tabletop discussions, so you just talk through a scenario. Other times, you're actually mobilizing our emergency response personnel, some equipment, and potentially even our mutual aid partners in the area."
The refinery is one of 38 members of the North East Region Community Awareness Emergency Response (NRCAER), a local mutual aid organization that trains, plans, and shares best practices for emergency response.
If you are curious about something you see, hear, or smell, you can call NRCAER's UPDATEline at 1-866-653-9959.