It’s a win-win. 

Sturgeon County residents will soon have a chance to lower their utility bills while increasing their property value through a new funding program.
In mid-April, County council approved the Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP) Tax Bylaw. The CEIP allows municipalities to offer competitive financing to property owners for energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades.  

The CEIP will cover up to 100 per cent of project costs and offers repayment through the property owner’s tax bill. Should the property be sold before the loan is repaid, the seller can repay the remaining balance, or the new owner will take on the CIEP loan payment as part of their property tax payments. 

“Adopting this program is another example of the County’s commitment to supporting residents in reducing their environmental impact and future heating costs”, said Mayor Alanna Hnatiw. 

“We are working towards local solutions on both the demand and supply side of the energy evolution.” 

Initially, the CEIP will be available to residential buildings before expanding to non-residential such as commercial buildings and farms. 

With the bylaw passed, County administration will work with the CEIP’s facilitator, the Alberta Municipal Services Corporation, who will provide technical support through the program’s development and lead essential tasks. Those tasks will include application and processing, website management, participant and contractor customer service, contractor onboarding, and marketing and engagement.

Sturgeon County expects residents will be able to access the program by early 2023. 

Some nearby communities have already adopted the CEIP program; the City of Leduc passed a CEIP bylaw on Apr. 12, 2021, with plans to launch the program in late spring. The City of Edmonton launched their residential CIEP program on Mar. 29, with plans to roll out a commercial program later this year. 

Sturgeon County is the first rural community to adopt the CEIP.