Sturgeon County is a great place to do business, according to the results of a recent business survey. 

The survey was sent out to over 100 businesses in the county back in February to help the county better understand business needs in the region. 

"By going the survey route, it allowed us to have a consultant do a random sampling and essentially reach more businesses than we are able to with our small team," said Leanne McBean, the county's business retention expansion lead. 

The results were tallied up this past week, with about 103 businesses sending in responses. It appears the county is doing quite a good job at pleasing business owners. 

"90 per cent of business owners and operators were satisfied with Sturgeon County as a place to own and operate a business," said McBean. "Also 86 per cent of our business owners and operators would recommend the county to another business looking to expand or relocate." 

The hope is that these results can lead to more businesses coming to the county and supporting the local economy. 

"Sturgeon County prides itself on being a highly competitive place to locate and conduct business," said Alanna Hnatiw, the county mayor. "Our business community is critical to our local economy and enriches our communities."

"We have taken numerous steps to ensure the County is one of Canada’s most competitive places to do business and remain dedicated to helping our businesses thrive."

The glowing reviews, according to McBean, are a testament to the county's efforts to help support local businesses. 

"It does speak to our council being very strategic and business-friendly," said McBean. "This just continues our work with reaching out to the businesses and supporting them." 

All in all, the county is pleased with the results. 

"We are really happy to see that we got the response that we did," said McBean. "We have a lot of businesses we can follow up with and continue to support and help remove any barriers or identify new opportunities for them." 

"We're excited to continue the work we started here."

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