Here are the unofficial election results for Sturgeon County.
A couple of Sturgeon County divisions were uncontested in this year's municipal election, including the race for mayor.
Mayor: (Acclaimed)
Alanna Hnatiw

Division 1: (Acclaimed)
Dan Derouin

Division 2: (Acclaimed)
Kristin Toms

Division 3:
Wayne Bokenfohr (401 votes)
Matthew McLennan (636 votes)

Division 4:
Neal Comeau (428 votes)
Robin Fuhr (222 votes)

Division 5:
Lee Danchuk (133 votes)
Walker Hnatiw (75 votes)
Jonathan Kilbourn (127 votes)
Harco Middelkamp (158 votes)
Deanna Stang (396 votes)

Division 6:
Jason Berry (241 votes)
Ronald Shaw (305 votes)