A Sturgeon County archer cemented himself as one of the nation's best at the Canada Winter Games. 

Adam Berge took home a gold medal in the individual archery compound event. 

The win marks a significant moment in Berge's archery career, having previously competed at the Alberta Winter Games. 

"This is like an amped-up Alberta Winter Games," said Berge. "I feel like I shot the best I could and I'm proud of how I shot and brought [the gold] back to Alberta." 

This was Berge's first time at the Canada Winter Games. He says that, while he had competed in P.E.I before, the pressure and atmosphere is something he had never experienced. 

"They kind of described it as being a mini-Olympics and it totally felt like that," said Berge. "The pressure was way different and that is what made [competing] so difficult." 

"The shooting at the same distance all the time isn't changing. It's the people watching that made it really intense." 

Berge's love of archery dates back to when he was just three years old after his father helped him pick up the sport. 

"It was a family thing, my dad discovered [the sport] when he was around 14 and he's been doing it ever since," said Berge. "As soon as I was able to hold a bow, he put one in my hands and here we are now." 

Growing up near Cardiff, Berge is relatively new to the competitive scene, having started to take part in competitions just five years ago. 

"I've always kind of been going to the tournaments for my dad," said Berge. "I just started winning in my categories as a younger archer and I just kinda kept going up and up and up." 

"Now I'm at the U21 [level], where it's pretty competitive. Constant improvement is what has really driven me here." 

When he's not shooting arrows, he's still involved with the sport. Berge works at 'Jim- Bows Archery' in Edmonton. 

"I really love everything behind [archery]," said Berge. "The technique, the equipment, I do a lot of beginner lessons here." 

"Helping people out is a big thing, it's a big community." 

Berge is currently prepping for the Canadian 3D Indoor Championships in Calgary at the end of the month. 

Over the next few months, Berge hopes to cross the pond to Ireland to compete in the World Youth Championships over the summer.