If you've been wanting to show off your strength, you're in luck. 

The first-ever Battle in the Fort strongman competition will be taking place in Fort Saskatchewan on April 22. 

Resident Garry MacDonald, who is a veteran of the sport, created the event. 

"I've been competing in strongman [competitions] for going on six years now and I fell in love with the sport," said MacDonald. "I noticed that in the past few years, especially with COVID, it was really hard for us to get a variety of competitions, and no one was really taking charge."  

"I just saw an opportunity to finally do what I wanted to do and build a competition that was suited for everybody from newcomers to veteran athletes." 

For those that aren't aware, a strongman competition involves an athlete completing a variety of strength challenges over a short period of time. The athlete who clocks in with the fastest time is the winner. 

"Some of the [challenges] would be a deadlift like you would see in a power-lifting competition," said MacDonald. "Some other events you would be doing a truck pull where you're attached to a harness, and you got to essentially walk or run with the truck." 

"No one competition is the same which is kind of nice because you constantly have to adapt for the competition." 

There will be lightweight, heavyweight, and open classes for both men and women who want to compete.

For the lightweight class, men must be under 230 lbs while the threshold for women is 160 lbs and under. People weighing above that will be classified as heavyweights. 

The open classes have no weight restrictions. 

The event isn't just limited to adults. 

"I'm going to have some light sandbags, maybe a little deadlift and really light log press, just something so the kids can try it out," said MacDonald. "I'm really trying to build something for future generations to move forward with and spark some inspiration."  

"I have children myself and they love the sport. I wanted to pass this on to more kids, more families to get them involved in it and see what it's all about." 

MacDonald announced the event just a few days ago and the reaction from the community has been a positive one. 

"There has been a lot of good support on this so far so it's looking very good." 

Registration for the event will open on Friday (Dec. 30) and those interested can visit their Instagram page