It's street-sweeping season once again. 

Strathcona County began their street sweeping on Monday (Apr. 17) in the neighbourhood of Aspen Trails.

Signs will be placed in the neighbourhoods before sweeping is scheduled to give residents notice to move their vehicles.

The sweepers will make several passes to clear the roadway, starting near the curb and working into the centre of the road, similar to a Zamboni.

It takes the sweepers around four to five weeks to clear arterial roads and residential roads in Sherwood Park and Ardrossan.

To prepare for sweeping, the county asks that residents:

  • Watch for signs with dates for sweeping in the area.
  • Move any parked cars.
  • Remove rubber driveway mats and waste collection carts.

Rural hamlets such as Half Moon Lake and Josephburg take longer to sweep in a process that can take until the end of June.

Here's a list of all the neighbourhoods being swept:

Sweeping schedule.

More information about Strathcona County street sweeping can be found here