This year is a census year in Strathcona County.

Starting May 1, residents are asked to complete their census online. A census PIN letter will be mailed to every household in the county with instructions on how to complete it.

According to the county, having the census online is a more cost-effective, quick and environmentally friendly way of running it. However, an over-the-phone option is available, and residents will have the opportunity to complete their census in person at a kiosk in select county facilities.

"The census count helps the county better understand the needs of the community. We use this census information to support development decisions, and it's important in planning services and infrastructure such as our roads, transit, emergency services and other municipal programs," explained Jacqueline Roblin, manager of legislative services and contract management.

Census workers will begin door-to-door collection for households that have not completed it on May 14. The results of the census likely won't be released until the fall.

The last municipal census was conducted in 2018. A federal census was done in 2021 and showed Strathcona County's population had grown by 1.2 per cent, to 99,225.