Strathcona County taxpayers got some good news this week. 

After forecasting a tax increase of about 4.6 per cent in their 2023 budget deliberations last November, the county has now confirmed that the increase will officially clock in at 2.9 per cent. 

“Despite the inflationary times, we’ve maintained the county’s high-quality services, while keeping an eye on our long-term financial health,” said mayor Rod Frank in a release. 

"The provincial freeze on education property tax and additional growth in the county, together with council’s continued focus on controlling costs wherever possible, have helped keep the tax impact to property owners below the rate of inflation, meaning that in real dollars taxes have decreased.”

The rise will still cost taxpayers a bit more, with the average single-family residential property (assessed at $480,000) seeing an annual increase of about $90, which converts to about $7.50 more per month. 

On the non-residential side of things, the rate for commercial properties also came in lower at just a one per cent rise. This means that commercial properties assessed at $1.9 million will see a $258 annual rise or about $21.50 more per month. 

Property tax notices are expected to be mailed out to residents later this month. The tax payment deadline is set for June 30. 

For more information on the county's tax assessment process, click here