Strathcona County will begin clearing snow off residential roads this weekend. 

The county says that priority four residential street clearing is set to start on Sunday (Jan. 8) at around 6 p.m. 

Orange signs will be posted in neighbourhoods indicating clearing dates in the areas. Residents will have to move their vehicles off the streets on the days that work is scheduled to be done. 

Parking will be permitted on collector roads marked with a sign that reads 'snow route when declared'. People will be able to park on residential roads after work is completed in their area. 

Vehicles that do not follow the proper parking guidelines could be issued a $250 ticket and potentially be towed. 

Work on clearing these streets is expected to last until January 18. Delays could occur if there is heavy snowfall before then. 

The first set of neighbourhoods will be cleared from Sunday to Wednesday and include:

  • Fountain Creek Estates
  • Balmoral Heights
  • Sherwood Golf and Country Club
  • Village on the Lake 
  • Westboro 
  • Woodbridge Farms

The county has been working hard over the last week clearing snow off collector roads, but expect that work to end on Friday (Jan. 6), 

A full list of affected neighbourhoods and the rough date work will be done can be found here