Traffic delays caused many residents to miss this year's Canadian Pacific (CP) Holiday Train stop in Josephburg on Dec. 9.

Strathcona County, the organizers of the Josephburg stop, are starting to come up with ideas to prevent something like this from happening again.

"Our biggest priority is safety," said Eiblis Doherty, economic development officer of tourism for Strathcona County. "There's a lot of cars that attempt to come into Josephburg in a very short time frame."

"There's always been traffic delays and parking issues for the event."

However, Doherty says that they're weighing their options on ways to keep traffic going smoothly.

"We do have a wrap-up meeting set up for next week with all the involved parties. We've collected feedback from those who were on the ground."

One idea they've had so far is to reduce the number of cars through carpooling and bussing programs.

"We do offer a park and ride from our urban center in Sherwood Park," Doherty said. "This year we released 150 tickets two weeks before the event, and they sold out in under two hours, so we added another 100 tickets."

Doherty said they hope to have a plan made for when the CP Holiday Train returns in 2024.

Delays aside, Doherty also said the event was a huge success, raising over 1,600 pounds of food and $8,000.

"We were pleased to see such generosity in support of the Strathcona Food Bank, and we're happy that it went off safely with no incidents."