Strathcona County peace officer Steve Schmidt is raising awareness and money for an important cause.

For the last seven years, he has participated in the Polar Plunge, where people either jump into freezing water or have freezing water poured on them as a way to support Special Olympics Alberta.

Schmidt had a few fellow officers throw buckets of water on him and then had emergency services dose him with a fire hose at Station 6 in Sherwood Park.

"They definitely enjoyed being able to douse their coworkers and of course, the firefighters will always take any chance they get to have a little fun at the expense of one of our friendly law enforcement," he said.

Usually, he does the plunge with a group and they cut chunks of ice out of Lake Summerside to jump into, but they haven't been able to do it this way for a few years because of the pandemic.

One of the things Schmidt said is the most special part about the event is that anyone can join, whether they are law enforcement, a participating athlete, or families from the community.

"To me, the athletes in Special Olympics are just the best example of togetherness and cooperation and teamwork. [They're] just such amazing people that it just really hits with me and resonates for me to keep going, keep supporting these athletes and keep raising money and awareness for them so that we can continue to support them in their competitions."

Schmidt is still trying to collect money for the fundraiser. He has so far raised just under $1,700. You can donate here.

Online donations will remain open until Mar. 20