Strathcona County welcomed a new fire chief. 

Martin Paulson joins the county after serving with Vancouver Fire Rescue Services for 32 years where he started as a firefighter and eventually worked his way up to become assistant deputy chief of operations. 

Strathcona County mayor Rod Frank is excited about what Paulson can bring. 

“He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to emergency response,” said Frank. “His leadership will guide Strathcona County Emergency Services staff as they continue to adapt to serve the needs of our community.” 

The move from Vancouver to Strathcona County is sure to be a challenge for the new chief. Paulson believes he’s well equipped to handle the needs of the community. 

“I believe that my experience in a larger city is going to be helpful here [as the community grows],” said Paulson. “I hope I can lend my experience to the people that are already here in this department.” 

“I think it’s a very adaptable experience.” 

Paulson hasn’t been in the community for very long. He got to the area on Sunday (Sept. 11) and moves into his apartment later this week. 

He says his first impressions of the community have been amazing. 

“I think [Strathcona County] is beautiful,” said Paulson. “It’s so modern but the vastness is something to behold.” 

Before Paulson gets into the nitty-gritty of the job, the goal is to get comfortable. He added that for the next little while he wants to get to know the community he will be serving. 

“I wanna get to know my staff and get out into the area,” said Paulson. “I wanna find out what the communities are involved with and I wanna be a part of that.” 

“I’m just looking forward to being here.” 

Paulson is the 10th fire chief the county has had.