Strathcona County took some time to honour some of the region's biggest sporting heroes last Friday (Jan. 13). 

They held a ceremony at Millenium Place to welcome in the newest additions to their Wall of Recognition

Six people were inducted, including athletes and builders, with a packed house reminiscing on each of their careers and applauding their contributions to local sports. 

Four of the six inductees were in attendance for the ceremony, including Edmonton football legends Tom Wilkinson and Ryan King, along with ringette dynamo Lorrie Horne, and church organist turned world-renowned powerlifter, Colin Bonneau. 

Former NHL goaltender Cam Ward and lacrosse player Jimmy Quinlan were also inducted but were not able to attend. 

"We want to recognize the newest additions to our Sports Wall of Recognition," said Rod Frank, mayor of Strathcona County. "We are incredibly proud they are from Strathcona County." 

As the night progressed, after each inductee made a speech on stage, the ceremony moved outside of the gymnasium and into the hallway where new plaques were unveiled for the newest members. 

"It feels pretty good," said Bonneau. "It's nice to be recognized for what I've accomplished." 

The theme for the night from each inductee was a sense of humbleness. Each one tried their best to move the spotlight off of them and onto those who helped them get to where they are. 

Wilkinson, whose five Grey Cup victories with the Elk helped Edmonton gain its original 'City of Champions' moniker, was no different. 

"I would have never been whatever I was if the team wouldn't have been very good," said Wilkinson. "That's defensive guys, offensive guys, kicking was a good thing I was on that team." 

Despite coming from Wyoming and playing in Edmonton, Wilkinson made Sherwood Park his home. 

Ryan King represented some of Edmonton's more recent football success. 

Hailing from the Park, King started his career with the Sherwood Park Northstars and Bev Facey Falcons before being drafted by the Edmonton Elk in 2012. He won a Grey Cup with the club in 2015 and hung up the cleats in 2021. 

"It means a lot to me [to be included on the wall]," said King. "I was a member here at Millenium Place right when it first opened up." 

"I've had a lot of people impact me over my professional career and for me to be able to be on the wall and maybe motivate the next kid to take a chance and go professional whatever sport or just to motivate them in life." 

Lorrie Horne even had a cheering section, made up of the local ringette team she coaches. Horne has a wide array of accomplishments including coaching both Team Canada and Team USA in international competitions as well as a stint in Finland. 

"I came here in about 2000 and raised my family here," said Horne. "Our journey of life or journey of sport is all intertwined with good people." 

"There were a lot of ringette folks here and it was very meaningful to me." 

Cam Ward is among the greatest NHL goaltenders of the last era of hockey. He spent 14 seasons in the league where he put up 334 wins and captured a Stanley Cup in 2006. 

Jimmy Quinlan is among the region's most successful lacrosse players. He spent the majority of his professional career with the Edmonton Rush where he won three championships and remains the only player in franchise history to have his number retired. 

The team has since relocated to Saskatchewan, where he now serves as their head coach. 

Terri Gallant was initially inducted but rescinded their name prior to the ceremony. 

This is the fourth time the County has added names to the wall. Previous inductions happened in 2001, 2007, and 2011. 

People can view the newest inductee plaques at Millenium Place right outside the gymnasium.