Nothing helps cool off on a hot summer's day than standing in the midst (or mist) of a firehose.

Last Tuesday (Aug. 16), the Strathcona County Fire Department set up at Broadmoor Lake Park as part of their 'Firetruck Spray Park' event. Firefighters sprayed water down from the top of their ladder -- they even let the kids use their firehose. 

The fire department started mobile Firetruck Spray Park events last summer, however, with the turnout being so-so, the department decided to go with a fixed location.

After one event in July and the other in August, dozens of people arrived to cool off and learn a bit about what firefighters do.

Jennifer Tames, communications and marketing specialist with Strathcona Emergency Services, says that this year's turnout was a big success.

"I got there just before the crews arrived," Tames said, "and you could just see the kids were so excited, just waiting in anticipation for [the firefighters] to show up."

Unfortunately, there won't be another firetruck spray park this year, but Strathcona Emergency Services are excited to bring back the tradition next year.