Budget 2019 is settled in Strathcona County.

Residents will see a 0.83 per cent tax increase, a fairly reasonable rate considering in 2018, the county implemented a 2.18 decrease.

In estimate, a single-family residential property assessed at $435,000 will see an increase of $15.05 per year for municipal services.
"I am pleased we were able to keep taxes low, while maintaining and in many cases, increasing service levels," said mayor Rod Frank.
 The total budget comes in around $371 million. New initiatives for 2019 include a functional planning study for the roads in the county’s southwest quadrant, a social framework annual awareness initiative and a medical service delivery model pilot program.
"This budget is part of a solid foundation to support citizens and families in a recovering economy and to provide certainty to business and industry to create prosperity and jobs."
Frank added that an early estimate for a tax hike in 2020 would be around 1.13 per cent.