You can certainly count on Strathcona County's ambulance delivery. 

The county service recently scored over 99 per cent on an independent third-party national accreditation assessment. 

This is an improvement from the last time they were assessed in 2018, where they scored 96 per cent. 

“Even during the pandemic, Strathcona County Emergency Services continued to deliver quality and safe patient care and service to our community, and we are very proud of their accomplishment,” said Strathcona County Mayor Rod Frank. “Our emergency services team and firefighters are second to none.”

The accreditation process is handled by Accreditation Canada and aims to provide an independent assessment of the county's ambulance service and then compare results with national standards. 

Such a high score reflects Strathcona County's ability to go beyond the requirements of the program. 

Strathcona County fire chief Martin Paulson says the high score was a direct reflection of the work put in by staff. 

“Receiving accreditation with exemplary standing is an incredible accomplishment," said Paulson. "Our staff work hard and are committed to providing the highest level of patient care possible."

"Being recognized by Accreditation Canada with such a high standing demonstrates our passion for exceptional patient care."

The assessment also found that the county employed 'very high calibre and clinically proficient paramedics with a high level of focus on patient care' as well as the service being highly rated by community partners. 

Over 150 professionals make up the Strathcona County Emergency Services team, all of which are cross-trained as paramedics and firefighters.