A St. Andre Bessette teacher is taking home the title of 'coach of the year'. 

Ryan Gau was awarded the division four boys' volleyball coach of the year award by Metro Athletics. 

Gau coached the St. Andre Bessette senior boys' volleyball team this year, helping them get to the semi-finals.

"We had a good year," said Gau. "We had a great group of boys that worked hard, learned, were really committed and dedicated." 

"A lot of guys you can build your program around." 

Though it wasn't the championship season they wanted, losing out to the eventual league champions in a thrilling five-set game, Gau is still proud of how they finished. 

"We left everything out there and would've wanted a different fate, but we knew we put forth a pretty good effort," said Gau. "We're pretty happy with the overall result even though it wasn't exactly what we wanted." 

When it comes to coaching, Gau doesn't have one strategy that he sticks to each and every year. 

"Your strategy kind of goes out the window with each team," said Gau. "Some teams you have to be a little bit harder on, some teams you have to sit back and let them figure things out and be a little softer." 

"This team, I had a lot of really great personalities, I had a lot of skill, I didn't really have a weak spot on the team. Looking down the bench if somebody was having a bad game, it wasn't a situation where I felt like I had to keep him out there." 

The recognition is a nice way to cap off the season, but Gau refuses to accept the award without first acknowledging those who helped him get it. 

"I have to give all the credit to my boys because without them being respectful athletes and playing hard, you usually don't get selected for something like that," said Gau. "My assistant coach was an intricate part of the season in bringing in new drills."

"It's great to be recognized in those things, but it's due to a team effort, not just one individual effort."