Earlier this month, Grade 12 students from St. André Bessette did a "grad walk" to their old schools.

As per the school's tradition, the graduates visit their elementary and junior high schools to reminisce and reflect on how far they have come.   

"I remember seeing the graduates do it when I was in school," explained graduate Abby Oloriz.

Oloriz estimates that about 60 students from SAB participated in the walk.

"I thought I would be more emotional, but it was really settling. It made me feel super old because they were all cheering for me. It was just really cool because I was the big kid that was growing up finally, and the hallways felt so much smaller."

"Time flies so fast. It felt like just yesterday that we were all just getting into that school and now look, I'm done. It's crazy."

Oloriz will be attending MacEwan University for the Bachelor of Science program with an interest in neuroscience. 

There was 104 students who graduated from SAB this year.