The Fort Saskatchewan Fire Department has some fire prevention tips with spring underway.

Fire Chief James Clark says "Springtime is probably the worst time to have a fire."  Chief James Clark notes "With the grass and leaves brown and not greened up, there's an awful lot of fuel that can start a fire."

Chief Clark explains "Keep your yard clean by picking up the debris, dry leaves and dead grass and going through all the basic spring cleaning in your yard and around your house including for your barbeque."  "Go through the barbecue and clean it all up while making sure the pathways to the burners are all clean so the barbecue works properly.  What can happen if the burners aren't properly cleaned or even worse an animal crawled in to make a nest, the barbeque could burn where it's not supposed to burn and turn into a hazard."

Chief Clark adds "People are starting to use their backyard fire pits." Chief Clark recommends to "use your firepit properly and safely by using clean and dry wood that's not going to spark.  Clark also advises to "Have the screen over top of the firepit so you don't end up with sparks and embers drifting off into the yard starting the grass on fire."

Clark adds if you have any questions including about fire pits call the fire hall 780-998-4858 or visit