Drivers will be allowed to go a little bit faster on Highway 15 just north of 119 Street. 

The city recently changed the speed limit on the road from 70 km/h to 80 km/h. 

Grant Schaffer, director of fleet services and engineering, says the change is part of a city-wide speed limit change. 

“This one took a little longer because there was some programming that had to change with the light sequences and that took a little bit to get the contractors organized.” 

The change was made after some pressure from the public to make it happen. 

“That area has always been a little bit contentious on what the speed limit should be,” said Shaffer. “When we sent out the public engagement on the speed limit changes back in 2021 that was one area where we got quite a bit of feedback on to bump up [the speed] a little.”

“We looked at the area and found that they could support [the speed limit change".

Drivers should get used to the new speed limit as this will be a permanent change.