When you need to see a doctor, you'll know where to go.

Sherwood Park experienced the shortest walk-in clinic wait times in the province last year, according to a recent report from Medimap. Data was pulled from over 1,200 walk-in clinics that use the tech companies' software to publish wait times online. 

On average, Albertans waited about 18 minutes to see a doctor in 2021. Sherwood Park was well above the average at four minutes; however, some communities like Grande Prairie saw wait times of an average of 45 minutes. 

“Many Canadians rely on walk-in clinics when they need to see a doctor. We created Medimap as a simple solution that saves time and frustration for these people when they need access to care,” stated Blake Adam, CEO and founder of Medimap, in a news release. 

According to Medimap, wait times overall in Alberta have decreased, down from an average of 25 minutes in 2019. 

In comparison, Ontario had the shortest average wait times in 2021, with patients waiting only 15 minutes to see a physician. On the other hand, patients in British Columbia had to wait 58 minutes to see a physician at a walk-in clinic last year, which is 15 minutes longer than in 2019 and the longest average wait time across Canada.