A Sherwood Park restaurant was ordered to close by Alberta Health Services (AHS). 

On Sept.2, an executive officer with AHS inspected Golden 88 and found 18 violations including evidence of a mouse infestation.

“Mouse droppings observed throughout the facility, including the floors, on various shelf surfaces, in food storage areas, on equipment, and within storage containers,” says a report from AHS.

Dead mice were also found in traps.

According to AHS, other issues included flies in the food preparation area and poor sanitation throughout the kitchen. 

"Equipment within the facility are unsanitary, including freezers, coolers, meat slicer and all cooking equipment." 

The health agency also pointed out items such as the improper thawing of food and contamination. 

"A container of chicken was being thawed on the kitchen floor at room temperature."

Golden 88 hopes to correct the issues and reopen soon. 

"We will do our best to comply with Alberta Health to get all issues resolved and reopen as soon as possible," a sign on the restaurant read. 

The restaurant is located at 65 Graham Road.