Robert Burrell has been chosen as an inductee for a prestigious award in 2019.
In May of this year, it was announced Burrell and seven other Albertans would be added to the Alberta Order of Excellence (AOE), which is the highest honor the provincial government can award a citizen.
"I'm a researcher, which makes it a little unusual, I think," said Burrell, who is a professor and researcher at the University of Alberta. "I have developed a number of medical products; one that was the first therapeutic application of nanotechnology and is a wound dressing that is sold around the world."
The dressing, called Acticoat, uses silver as an antimicrobial, meaning it can kill bacteria. Burrell also added it helps wounds heal faster and the scarring left behind is minimal to none. 
He even went to Australia to teach physicians how to use the dressing, landing on the morning of the Bali bombing. Because of his dressing, even those with most of their skin burned, many people survived.
"The awards themselves are always sort of a nice reminder, but really the thing that most important is changing the lives of people," he explained. "There's no better feeling than that; changing outcomes for your fellow man."
The ceremony for all eight inductees will be held on Thursday (Oct.17) in Edmonton.