Sherwood Park's Kody Lamb competed in bareback riding at the Calgary Stampede earlier this month.

On July 8, Lamb drew Agent Lynx and was able to finish in 5th place with a score of 85.50. He walked away with $1,500 in day money. 

On July 9, he rode Bomb Cherry to get a score of 84.0. This ride gave Lamb an aggregate amount of $4,000.

“It went okay, I made some money in my pool. Then I advanced to the wildcard round, but unfortunately, I was unable to advance beyond the wildcard round so I was done on Saturday,” said Lamb. 

Born and raised in Sherwood Park, Lamb’s interest in rodeo began around the age of nine watching his older sister compete. 

“The only other rodeo [besides CFR] I had much access to as a kid was Calgary. Back then it was the only one on TV. I can remember watching that when I was pretty young, I always wanted to ride at Calgary.”

Next up for Lamb is a stop in Ogden, Utah on Wednesday (July 20). 

Full video of his rides at the Calgary Stampede can be found on his Facebook.