A pair of Sherwood Park brothers are hoping to strike a deal with the Dragons. 

Jagger and Dawson Glowatsky, owners of Young Farts RV Parts, will be appearing on an episode of Dragons’ Den on Dec.16. 

25-year-old Jagger Glowatsky began his entrepreneurial journey in high school when he began buying and selling used vehicles. When he sold roughly 150 cars in his first year out of high school, he felt it was time to start a full-fledged dealership. 

He looked for a building to purchase but couldn’t find anything affordable in his hometown of Sherwood Park. He landed on a small 3,000 square foot building in Mundare, and once Dawson graduated high school, the two went into business together. 

Things started to change when the Glowatsky brothers bought a used RV at an auction. 

“It was so far gone, there was no way we were going to sell it as a whole. So, we were like ‘man, what do we do with this thing?’” Jagger said. “So, we were like, ‘hey, let’s try selling the parts out of it,’ and once we did that, we learned that there was actually more money in parts than actually selling these things as a whole.” 

So, the brothers bought about 40 more RVs and got to work. 

They placed a motor home on the side of the highway with a sign reading “New and used RV parts”, and, shortly after, the business took off. Jagger added they learned very quickly that they were in an industry many people hadn’t thought of. They purchased a 15,000 square foot building in Vegreville, and in 2020, they launched an online store. 

In 2018, the brothers had the idea of auditioning for Dragons’ Den; they felt they had a story but weren’t sure if their business model would match the show. When the pandemic hit, and the show began accepting video auditions, they decided to give it a shot. They sent in their video audition but never heard back. 

One year later, they sent in the same video, but this time got a call back from the show’s producers.  

“They wanted to do an audition, so they kind of practiced pretending as if they were the dragons, so we pretended it was, it was pretty fun,” he said.  

“And then a month, maybe two months went by, and I’m like, ‘oh man, Dawson, did we get it?’ And then all of a sudden, we got the message saying you’ve been accepted and you’re going to Toronto.” 

The brothers arrived in Toronto a few days before filming and immediately got to work on their pitch, spending hours and hours preparing props and working on their skit. 

“We had to get a trailer. We had to tear it apart, and we spent a lot of time in the hotel room just practicing and practicing and practicing.” 

Jagger and Dawson pitching their business to the Dragons.Jagger and Dawson pitching Young Farts RV Parts to the Dragons.

Glowatsky said that he’s never been nervous in his life, but walking into the room with the dragons was tough. 

“I [had] tunnel vision, and I could barely hear what they were saying; I didn’t even know what I was saying. But I was reacting off my muscle memory from all the practicing, so it went good.” 

While he can’t reveal whether or not they reached a deal with the dragons, Glowatsky is looking forward to the exposure from the episode, given the number of people that watch Dragons’ Den. He added that he is also excited to see the episode, as they were there for an hour filming, and he would like to see what was used for their six-minute segment. 

Their episode airs on Dec.16 at 8 p.m. on CBC and CBC Gem.