With the Oilers hitting the ice tonight in the Western Conference Final, it's important to take a look back on what got us here... Beating the Flames!

During the last round, Shayne Hill from Eagle 100.9 in Okotoks and I had a few bets going, and unfortunately, things didn't work out well for her.

For Game 5, the bet was that the loser would post an embarrassing photo online for all to see. 

5-4 Oilers.

Sorry, Shayne!

Embarrassing Shayne Photo

Looks like some tasty chow mein!

Unfortunately for Shayne, there was still one last piece of business to take care of now that the Oilers finished things off.

It was time to hit the streets...


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What a great sport she was through the whole series!

We can all agree that a rematch next year should be in order.

Up next on our quest for the cup... Colorado.

Let's go, Oilers!