Construction of the sewer service reline project can now begin after City Council voted in favour last night (Jan. 9/16) of borrowing a maximum $1,200,000.

Councillor Frank Garritsen notes he's been on the water commission and is on the wastewater commission.  "I've been in conferences down in the U.S. and you take a look at their underground infrastructure, it's a mess."  "We can look within our own Country, you take a look down east where raw sewage is being dumped into the oceans because of crumbling underground infrastructure."

Garritsen conveys "The value is amazing, it adds fifty years of life to existing pipes underground."  "It's a great way to keep our infrastructure in good shape."  Garritsen explains "They actually line the existing underground infrastructure."  Garritsen concludes "Crews don't have to tear up roads, it's so non-intrusive you can have underground infrastructure being realigned and you wouldn't even know it."  Garritsen suggests existing infrastructure like water and sewer keep us a first world country from a third world country.