Aurora Cockerill is back with her brush after making her mark on Fort Saskatchewan in 2020.

In October 2020, Cockerill decided to sell her paintings and raise money for the homeless. She ended up raising about $5,000 for the Valeda House.

This year, the seven-year-old decided to turn her attention to the Alberta Homeward Hound Rescue Bureau.

The foster home-based organization takes in lost dogs or dogs that aren't able to stay in their previous homes. They operate in Fort Saskatchewan, Strathcona County, Leduc, Camrose, Tofield and Edmonton.

"We're still making pictures; we're still making paintings," said Cockerill.

She is teaming up with Legacy Jewellers on Saturday (Dec.4) to auction off more of her paintings at the store. The rescue will also have puppies there to try and find foster homes or potentially get some of the animals adopted.

Cockerill's mom, Maja Nejman, explained she reached out to the owner Omar after seeing the fundraising the store did to help Max, the dog. He was on board with their idea and will be giving away a necklace to whoever donates to the rescue. 

"Can everyone please come and help the poor puppies and kitties that are hurt outside?" Cockerill asked.

As well as money, the rescue could use donations of food, blankets or other items useful for dogs.