A Lamont teenager is organizing big things in Bruderheim.
Scootering has been a significant part of 15-year-old Vincent Alyward’s life ever since he started riding the summer he turned 12. As Lamont does not have its own skatepark, Alyward regularly visits the Bruderheim skatepark to meet up with friends and others in the local scooting community.
He’s reached a level of skill in his scooting career that he never thought he could accomplish. His passion for the sport led him to the idea of hosting an event in Bruderheim.

“I want to bring the community together more than it already is by throwing together a scooter competition,” stated Alyward.
The teen walked into the Bruderheim town office and asked if a scooter competition could be held in town.
"We've never had one before because our skatepark is relatively new," explained Sherry Cote, director of development and legislative services in Bruderheim.
The town agreed to help Alyward organize the event. After putting together a plan, he reached out to House of Wheels, a skateboard shop based in St. Albert, who will be bringing out a demo team on the day to help judge the competition and support the event.
Alyward hopes to see experienced scooter riders at the event and people of any skill level to check out the competition. The all-ages event will have separate categories for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders with a ‘best trick’ category at the end of the day.
Cash prizes will also be available for winners at the event.
Alyward added he wants to see scooters in the mainstream and at competitions like the X-games and the Olympics one day.
The competition is being held on Sept. 6 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. There will be a small entry fee, however as the event is still in the early planning stages, the price has not been determined.