A big day, but a fun day Wednesday April 5 in Lacombe.

Murray Hartman and a number of guest speakers are holding their annual Science-O-Rama.  A day of canola science featuring updates and results from recently completed research projects funded by Alberta Canola and its partners.

Among the speakers and research topics are Markus Samuel of the University of Calgary talking about bio solutions to canola green seed problem.

Scott Meers, Alberta Agriculture & Forestry speaking on a Bertha army worm network monitoring system, a swede midge survey and new midge species.

There are also a couple of other speakers from Alberta Agriculture and Forestry including Chris Neesor on field scouting for weeds and diseases using imagery from a drone and Mike Harding on a Sclerotinia survey and improving Sclerotinia disease control.

Hector Carcamo, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada in Lethbridge will be discussing thresholds for lygus bugs and cabbage seedpod weevils in canola.

It all goes Wednesday April 5 at the Lacombe Memorial Centre.