After almost three years in Fort Saskatchewan, The Barn Door is closing.

"Unfortunately, though, some good things must come to an end." said owner Jackie Switzer on a Facebook post where she announced the closure.

The Barn Door came to Fort back in early 2020 as Switzer's passion project. The store sells a variety of home decor in several styles.

"I sell vintage, I sell furniture, candles, Christmas, lotions, pillows, you name it, we probably have it here," Switzer said.

Her products range from being outsourced from artisans around the world to decor created by herself.

Switzer said that her reason for closing the store involves the location of her store.

"It's not necessarily the lack of people coming in," Switzer said. "Everyone who comes in absolutely loves the store, but it's just not sustainable."

Over the three years of her store being open, she said it's tough to come up with advice to give aspiring business owners.

"From what I've experienced, the products that I'm selling are obviously not a great fit for downtown Fort Saskatchewan."

As for what she has planned after closing The Barn Door in the coming months, Switzer is keeping her options open.

"We'll figure it out," Switzer said.

The Barn Door is still open for the next few months as Switzer tries to sell off the inventory at a bargain price.

Some of the interesting items at The Barn Door include a bowl full of quotes that you can have framed, an old bicycle refurbished into a table, and even bags made out of repurposed military tents.