Gibbons is honouring the people who have made it the place it is today.
On Wednesday (Sept.8), mayor Dan Deck, Gibbons town council, and approximately 70 members of the public gathered to cut the ribbon on the town’s new Recognition Wall.
The wall was built last year; however, due to COVID-19, they couldn’t unveil it the way they wanted to.
“This was kind of our chance to recognize the people that are on that wall and have the reopening for it. So, we invited people and families that were close to them,” said Eric Paterson, recreation and youth coordinator for the town.
The wall has three panels honouring those that have made significant contributions to the town of Gibbons in the categories of community builders, long-term volunteers and long-term volunteer firefighters.
The town will make additions to the wall annually, with nominations coming from the public.
First-year honorees were nominated by the public as well as town staff for their contributions.
Here are the first-year honorees to the Gibbons Community Recognition Wall: 
Community Builders:
- Maisie Metrunec
- Emil Ozipko
- William (Bill) Nimmo
- Jock Archer
- Louise Bauder
- Nick and Mona Konsorado
- Jack Hogg
- Geoff Jones
Community Volunteers:
- Dermont (Snip) Loblick
- Ada McLean
- Katie Mabbutt
- Della Gibbons
- Gladys McWhirter
- Lindsay & Margaret Rye
- Pat Briggs
- Evelyn Fraser
- Faye Rye
- Eileen Stirton
- Jim Bauder
- Georgina Melnyk
- Bonnie Nimmo
Fire Department:
- Captain William Benson
- Chief Eric Lowe
- Deputy Chief Jason Coveney
- Earl Yeo- Secretary-treasurer
- Colin McLean- Fire chief
- Len Lapointe- Fire safety officer
- Clement Lamoureux- Fire chief
- Alex Graham
- Ron Coley- Secretary-treasurer