Communities in the region are continuing to improve their ability to work together.

In 2019, the towns of Burderhiem, Gibbons and Lamont formed a project called Resilient Rurals. The idea was for the communities to work together to improve resiliency by examining human, financial and communication resources, infrastructure needs and disaster preparedness.

"We work on climate change and adaptation, which is what a lot of our emergencies in our smaller communities tend to centre around; either flooding or there's hail damage, or there's drought. So this kind of blends really well into the resilient rural program that we're working with because it does deal with emergencies that none of us are expecting," explained Sherry Cote, director of development and legislative services and deputy director of emergency management for Bruderheim.

On Wednesday (Apr. 20), the group made a big step by opening the Resilient Rurals Interagency Operations Centre in the Bruderheim Fire Hall. The opening coincided with a previously planned emergency management exercise so the public could be a part of the ribbon-cutting ceremony and see what the new centre can do in practice.

The room can be used as a command centre for Burderheim's community partners if there is an emergency and they need somewhere to operate.

The town was happy to have a decent turnout from the public when they officially declared the centre open.