The CP Holiday Train this year was a huge success. Thousands of people arrived to see the train's stop in Josephburg.

Unfortunately, it may have been too big of a success, because some people missed the train entirely after experiencing heavy traffic on the way to the hamlet.

In a post made to the Fort Sask Informed Facebook group, many people expressed frustration after missing the train.

"Never have [I] seen the miles of traffic I saw tonight," Kathleen Corkum wrote. 

Another resident wrote that they saw people arriving around 3:30, almost two hours before the train was set to arrive.

Fort Saskatchewan resident Tyler Janes was one of the people who missed the train. He said he left an hour early.

"It only takes ten minutes to get there, so I figured 45 minutes was enough time to make it from where I live to Josephburg, but I didn't account for the massive amount of traffic there was going to be," Janes said.

According to some, this heavy traffic was in part due to a combination of a lack of traffic guidance, and the blocking off of Josephburg entirely.

"Normally they don't have the town blocked off, they just have the railyard and the Moyer's area there blocked off." 

"By the time I got cars back by the railyard, it was already about 5:35." 

Janes also said that the event used to have a bus that would take people from Fort Saskatchewan to the holiday train. He suggested a return of the bus program.

"I mean, I know the train was good because my girlfriend made it," Janes said with a laugh.