Rogue arrows have been found around Fort Saskatchewan in recent weeks. 

A neighbour alerted Lauren Kane on Monday (July 25), that they had seen an arrow sticking out of a shelter in her driveway. 

“He said he noticed it on Saturday and he told me on Monday,” said Kane.

Kane lives near James Mowat Elementary and admitted to feeling unsafe. 

“There is a lot of stuff that happens in that [James Mowat] park when it shouldn’t be like right in the evenings," she said. "I’m hoping that the [city] finally wakes up and puts some security cameras in there.”

According to the RCMP, members of the public have turned in arrows found in residential houses, a business, James Mowat Park and Our Lady of Angels school park.

“It’s sad that something like this happens in a public park,” Kane concluded.

The use of the arrows is under investigation.

bowAn arrow on Lauren Kane's property.