Municipal Enforcement received a report of a sighting thursday evening from a Nordic Club member about what they thought was a cougar in the river valley near the Highway 15 bridge.

Municipal Enforcement Supervisor, Ed Barden says the sighting wasn't confirmed 100%.

Barden is reminding everyone to be aware of possible wildlife encounters.  Barden says often these animals are just passing through and cause no disturbance to the residents, and if they have further sightings they'll involve Fish and Wildlife.  Barden notes generally a lot of the time, these animals are moving through town close to the river valley.  Barden adds they also received a couple calls early in the spring time.

Barden recommends to have your dogs on leash and to walk in groups as it's not a good idea to walk alone in the evening. Barden also recommends to be loud and make your presence known whether you're talking or wearing items like bear bells because you don't want to shock an animal. Other tips include keep food and garbage away from wildlife, do not feed wildlife, keep children in view at all times and do not chase or harass wildlife.

Barden encourages you to report animal sightings to the City's Animal Control (780-992-6146) or Fish & Wildlife.