Fall registration is now open for the Fort Sask Minor Football Assocation (FSMFA).

Lisa McAleer, the registrar with the FSMFA, says that the program is open to kids of many ages.

"Our minimum age is 4 turning 5 for our novice, and up to 15 years-old as long as they're in Grade 9 not going into Grade 10 this September."

The FSMFA also held a 'Falcons in Training' event at Taurus Field on Wednesday (May 10), to give kids a taste of what's to come from joining football.

"There's a place on the field for any child. Whether they're small, big, tall, or short, there's always a position on the field. We're one big, giant family," added McAleer.

The FSMFA has grown considerably since its formation over a decade ago. Just five years ago they had around 60 to 70 players register, while in 2022 they had 120 players register.

McAleer said that they're hoping to have around 150 players for 2023.

"We had 31 new kids register in our Spring flag program. We hope these kids will roll into our fall program."

Those interested in registering for the program can visit the FSMFA website here.