Redwater residents will be getting brand-new waste carts next week. 

The town shared a release from GFL Environmental on their Facebook page on Wednesday (Jan. 11) that detailed plans to replace the existing waste carts. 

"One of the many reasons why we want to exchange the waste carts is that they are starting to show many signs of wear," said GFL in the release. "The carts have started to be much more brittle and can break easily." 

Crews will be in town on Monday (Jan. 16) to collect carts. They ask residents to leave the carts out, so they are visible from the street. 

"Our crews will only exchange carts that are visible from the street. They will not enter residents' properties or yards. Our crews will only go onto driveways to exchange carts." 

GFL also hopes that the new carts will help clear up the confusion between what a waste cart is compared to an organic cart.