Redwater residents should expect to pay a bit more on their property taxes this year. 

Earlier this month, the town council passed their 2023 tax bylaw, which included a 4.53 per cent rise. 

"It was a hard year to try and keep a sustainable budget with a reasonable increase for our taxpayers," said Diane Pysmeny, the general manager of corporate services with the town. 

"Initially the budget increase was 6.85 per cent which was considered by the council. We had a tax mitigation reserve, however, set up in by utilizing that we were able to decrease the budget increase." 

After going through their property assessment process, it was determined that the average Redwater residence is valued at $208,500. This means the average resident should expect to pay an annual property tax of $2,073 which works out to about $173 monthly. 

"As an increase over last year, the average house [will have to pay] $8 [more] per month," said Pysmeny. 

The reason for the increase is being pinned on hyperinflation affecting the cost of goods and services bought and provided by the town. Pysmeny says that this raise will help the town in maintaining service levels and avoid cuts to community services. 

"We've increased a lot of our service levels in recreation with our field house that was put in last year and many more programs that we are running," said Psymeny. 

Residents are asked to contact the town if they have any questions or concerns about their property assessment. The town's assessor will be available to explain assessments and address concerns. 

Payments can be made through a variety of different ways including paying at the town office, through online banking, through your mortgage, or with a credit card through Pay Simply on the town's website. 

Important to note that credit card payments are not accepted at the town office and that, if you choose the Pay Simply route, you will be charged an additional service fee. 

Lastly, a cheque drop-off option is also available at the town office. 

Tax notices were sent out to residents on Wednesday (May 24) and the due date to have them paid is June 30.