Redwater RCMP has laid a variety of charges on a man and woman. 

In late September, police were called to a rural property after reports that unknown individuals were damaging a cattle pasture gate and staying in a stolen camper on the property. 

Upon investigation, RCMP say they found a man and woman in the camper who attempted to flee when approached. 

Their escape was foiled after they backed into a tree and became stuck.

St. Albert resident Alexander Valentine, 36, and Justus Zawislake, 21, from Redwater, were taken into custody and face a levy of charges that include possession of stolen property and drug possession with the purpose of trafficking.

Police also discovered 35 grams of methamphetamine, stolen power tools, pepper spray, and two stolen wallets that belonged to an unrelated man and woman in the camper they were staying in. 

Valentine will remain in custody until his next trial date while Zawislake was released and will appear in a Fort Saskatchewan court next week.