Police in Redwater caught someone going 50 kilometres over the limit claiming to be frantically looking for a bathroom.

In early January, an officer was patrolling Highway 63 when they noticed a red Hyundai speed past.

Using a speed gun, the officer clocked the red Hyundai going 152 km/h in a 100 km/h zone. The officer pulled over the vehicle, where the female driver said she needed to use the washroom, and her GPS was saying that the next washroom was over an hour away.

Police say that they determined the driver had passed several washrooms, including the town of Redwater and the weight scales just a few kilometres back.

Further investigation revealed that the red Hyundai was a rental vehicle. Police contacted the rental company, who terminated the rental contract due to the speed the car was being driven.

The vehicle was towed and the 30-year-old driver, a woman from Calgary, was summoned to appear in court for speeding.