On Apr. 1, a record-setting Lotto Max ticket worth $70-million was sold in Alberta. 

And the winner is... someone from Saskatchewan!

The Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC)  has confirmed that the winning ticket was sold somewhere outside of Calgary and Edmonton and matched all seven numbers for the $70-million jackpot – 7, 10, 18, 29, 38, 43, and 50.

According to the WCLC, the day following the draw a winner stepped forward.  After an extensive verification process, WCLC has confirmed that the winner of the record-setting jackpot lives in Saskatchewan and purchased the ticket while travelling along Highway 1.

On Apr. 19, the winner will be introduced to the public at a media event, and more information about the Alberta retailer who sold the ticket will be released at that time. 

The ticket for the $70-million is the largest winning ticket sold by an Alberta retailer by a margin of $5-million.  In October 2019, a winner in Calgary took home a $65 million Lotta Max jackpot which was previously the largest jackpot won in western Canada.    

The WCLC says the odds of matching all seven numbers on a Lotto Max draw are 1 in 33 million per play.