Police are warning residents about an ongoing scam in the area.

In early March, the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) received four reports of a grandparent scam within two days — the total estimated financial loss was over $25,000.

In all incidents, the scammer contacted the senior either in person or over the phone and told them their grandchild had been arrested or  was in an accident and needed bail money. The scammer posed as a police officer, a lawyer or their grandchild.

The suspect then either took the senior's credit card number over the phone or went to the senior's residence to get the money. A description was given of the person that picked up the funds in one of the incidents — a slender, 5'3” woman with dark brown or black hair. She was wearing a head covering when she came to the residence.

Police say scammers usually prey on emotions, and residents should take a moment to evaluate any situation where they are asked for money or personal information.

"If someone is claiming that your family member is in trouble, confirm with your family before you provide personal or financial information," said Staff Seargent Tom Paton, Southeast Division Watch Commander. "If the person claims to be from a police service, you can call the service directly to confirm the situation. Police will never contact you and demand money."

Anyone that may have been a victim of this scam is asked to report it to the EPS at 780-423-4567.

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