This month marks the 30th anniversary of Family Violence Prevention Month in Alberta.
People impacted by family violence in the Fort Saskatchewan area can access support from the Families First Society.
"Typically once a crisis is addressed, there needs to be some support to help with that long-term transition into a life free of abuse," Family Violence Prevention Program coordinator at Families First, Jodi Heidinger said.
Families First receives most of their referrals from Victim Services, the RCMP, child and family services and sometimes probation.
"It's a big journey and can be very overwhelming, so we start by supporting them through threat assessment and risk management."
Families First then provides education and awareness around the dynamics and complexity of family violence, power and control as well as the cycle of abuse.
"We then work with them long-term to help remove the barriers that have keeping them in their unhealthy relationships."
This year's provincial theme of Family Violence Prevention Month is Reach Out Speak Out.
The goal is to inspire people to take action now and in the future to end family violence while supporting survivors and recognizing those who have made a difference in their communities.