With a high reaching the early 30s today (July 12), municipal enforcement are warning people about the dangers of leaving their pets in hot vehicles.

Pets are unable to sweat and lower their body temperature like people can. They can only cool off through panting and their paw pads.

“Normally in the summer months we do get quite a lot of calls about these types of things," said Lee Hardman, supervisor of municipal enforcement with the City of Fort Saskatchewan.

How to spot the signs of distress:

  • Excessive drool or panting
  • Frantic behaviour
  • Loss of bowel control 
  • Tongue is bright red/purple
  • Lethargic and unresponsive

What to do if you spot an animal in distress:

  • Take note of the licence plate and vehicle description
  •  Call municipal enforcement at 780-997-7930 or Fort Saskatchewan RCMP at 780-992-6100
  • Wait by the vehicle for help to arrive 

Internal temperatures in a vehicle can spike to dangerous levels and even cause heat stroke in approximately 10 minutes. Rolling windows down and parking in a shaded area is not sufficient.

“I know it can be difficult to stay idle there but I assure you if you call that number we will get there as soon as we can and we can take that appropriate action.”