Fraudsters are always looking for new ways to pry your hard earned money from your hands.  A release from the Fort Saskatchewan RCMP advises residents of Fort Saskatchewan and Lamont County that a current scam in underway.

Details on this scam:  Some Gift Cards or Pre-Paid Credit Cards in store are being replaced with a different gift card, but with the original packaging.  The victim then comes into the store and purchases the gift card - not knowing the card inside does not match the inside card.  Once the bar code from the packaging is scanned, the stolen gift card that the scammer now has is activated.  The victim leaves the store unknowingly in possession of a useless gift card.

The Fort RCMP have already responded to a call where an investigation led officers to find that the suspect had several gift cards and pre-paid credit cards where the cards did not match it's cardboard bar code.

RCMP are issuing the following tips:

If you need to purchase Gift Cards or Pre-Paid Credit Cards, carefully inspect the packaging.

Should you find signs of tampering or, if the bar codes of the gift card or pre-paid credit card does not match the bar code on the cardboard holder, report it to a store employee.