As the fiscal year has come to an end, the Fort Saskatchewan RCMP is looking back on the last year.
During the most recent council meeting, Inspector Mike McCauley of the Fort Saskatchewan RCMP gave his year-end performance review for 2020-21.
"Last year, as everyone knows, was a challenging year with the pandemic," he said. "We did the best that we could within the restriction framework and whatnot, but overall, it was a good year."
The five main priorities for last year were crime prevention and reduction, traffic safety, reduction of substance abuse, community and youth engagement, and enhancing public confidence and engagement.
Crime prevention and reduction
The last year was very productive for the city's Traffic Crime Reduction Unit (TCRU). Their goal was to decrease property crime by seven per cent and ended up reducing it by 12 per cent.
"So we actually exceeded our goal. It is a five-year low for property crime in Fort Saskatchewan which is fantastic."
Traffic Safety
Fort Saskatchewan is a vision zero community, meaning their goal is to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries.
There was one fatal collision over the year, which took the lives of two teenagers in September.
However, motor vehicle collisions were, and continue to be at an all-time low. Property damage collisions and major injury collisions have individually decreased by 50 per cent over the past four years.
"We will obviously keep as many road users safe as possible, so we're very happy with those accomplishments."
Along with the effort of police, McCauley believes the pandemic forcing many people to work from home this past year is a big reason for the decrease.
There were 948 violation tickets and eight enforcement operations were conducted in the city.
Reduction of substance abuse
According to McCauley, they had a very successful year with their war on drugs. In addition to 57 drug-related charges being laid, the TCRU team also recovered:
- 297 grams of crystal Meth
- 319 grams of cocaine
- 156 grams of fentanyl
- 351 mL of GHB
- Seven grams of psilocybin
The estimated street value of the drugs recovered is $113,021. 
Community and youth engagement
The COVID-19 pandemic made youth engagement very difficult for the RCMP. They couldn't have a school resource officer in any of the schools and most of their engagement had to be moved online.
Some of the virtual events they held included a presentation on fraud for Fort High, a detachment tour, recorded videos of officers reading children's books an online child safety presentation and participating in monthly youth working group meetings.
Enhancing public confidence and engagement
The RCMP hosted a number of events over the last year to try and engage with the public.
McCauley hosted a community town hall meeting regarding the bail release of high-profile second-degree murder individuals and related ongoing protests. He also met with several multi-cultural societies throughout the year to hear their thoughts and experiences in the community.